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God’s Word for the Children in pictures

A bold new Bible story picture book for Children

We want all children who pick this book up to know that God loves them and has provided a means for them to change their lives for the better, and to live forever with Jesus. We want that boy or girl to be a part of God’s plan, whether they live in deepest darkest Africa, in the Himalaya Mountains, or near the rice paddy fields of Southeast Asia.

Many adults in the developing world will also read this book. We want them and every child to know that Jesus has already paid the price by dying on the cross and that they do not have to pay it again. They just need to accept Him.


God’s Word for the Children books have been translated from English into the languages of Hindi, Nepali, Russian, Spanish, Telugu, and Ukrainian. These are print-ready; we just need the finances.  The New Testament is also available in the Hausa language in Nigeria.  We have printed and distributed 50,000 copies thus far in these languages. 


We partner with indigenous peoples, usually printing in their areas to save shipping costs. Our partners know their people and distribute where they think best.


The need is huge, and the infrastructure is set up.  It can grow as new translations are completed. The cost of printing varies from place to place. Please pray for the Children and consider helping financially.

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